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Ultra Bio (100ml)

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UltraBio is a mix of highly active bacteria, specifically formulated for the Zeolight-System. This bacteria mix will prevent a monoculture in the filter and promotes the rapid processing of nutrients in the filter.

Standard dosing: 

When starting to use UltraBio or after an exchange of the Zeolith filter medium add 1 drop per 100 liter/26gal every day for 2 weeks.
After this initial phase, add 1 drop per 100 Liter/26gal.  every three days, until the next exchange of the Zeolith filter medium.
Please add the UltraBio either directly into the tank or into the intake of the Zeolite Filter.  

It is advisable to turn off the skimmer for 2 to 3 hours after the addition of UltraBio.   

UltraBio is a mix of several nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial populations that were carefully selected for their ability to convert ammonia to nitrite, nitrite to nitrate and nitrate to nitrogen gas. Please add UltraBio at the beginning of using the Zeolith system and after an exchange of Zeolite.  Our bacteria mix is highly concentrated. You can actually see the bacteria with the naked eye as aggregates drifting in the solution. Please shake the bottle slightly before each use.   

UltraBio contains the marine nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial strains „Nitrosomas sp. Nitrobacter sp. Nitrospira sp. Paracoccus sp. Pseudomonas sp. and is highly concentrated

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