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Troptronic 55w UV Steriliser

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UV - steriliser for sterilisation of aquariums, ponds, fish farms, large scale plants, importers etc. for salt- and freshwater. High effective water sterilisation without chemistry, indispensable for fish importers and breeders. None of the harmful side-effects associated with medical treatment.

The UV - steriliser 6 / IV uses a a high pressure UVC - burner contained in a high quality quartz glass tube of 40mm Ø. The resulting large surface and the extremly intensive radiation with wavelengths of 254 nm facilitates great water flow rates. The compact type of construction makes the steriliser easy to be combined with any type of filtration equipment.

A thermal-fuse inside the burner acts as an overheat protection guarding the steriliser and other equipment from any harm in case of too less water flow or wrong mounting of the steriliser. The UV operation can be checked through a peephole in the burner casing. Changing the burner is easily achieved without the use of tools by unscrewing the fitting and extracting the burner.

In fish breeding, it consistently results in 20% improvements in hatching rates, and higher survival rates amongst young fish, according to a survey of discusbreeders who use UV sterilisation appliances.

After approximately 10 000 hours of continuous operation, (i.e. approx. one year) the radiated power of the burners has been decreased to half of the starting power. Trop Electronic recommends to change the burners after this period and offers two alternatives for regaining full power.

The first option is to replace the burner as a whole. Trop Electronic provides complete replacement burners including the quartz glass tube, cable and connector, which may be easily exchange the used burners in the housing.

The second option is regeneration (refurbishment) which is cheaper. For this the burner has to be send to Trop Electronic in Luedenscheid. Trop Electronic will disassemble the burner, remove the exhausted items, clean the burner and reassemble it. The tested burner will then be returned to the customer. This operation can be repeated quite a lot of times reusing the expensive quartz glass tube.

On sending the burners to Trop Electronic one should take great care to use a box wide enough to buffer the burner inside with soft material to protect the glass from breaking

Max. water flow rate: 1500 litres / h
Max. water volume: approx. 1200 litres
Total length: 400 mm
Gauge inlet - outlet: 220 mm distance between inlet and outlet
Pipe diameter: 63 mm
Fitting: 15 mm width
PVC standard screw connection 20 mm useable for pipe-connection
Burner fitting: 40 mm
Pipe wall thickness: 7 mm
Average lifetime of UV - burner: approx. 10 000 hours
Mean wave length: 254 nm
Overheat protection: 73 °C thermo fuse
Function control: peephole in burnercase
Operating voltage: 235 volts / 50 Hz
Operating mode:for continuous operation, 100 % duty ratio
Max. inside pressure:1 bar
Min. water flow rate: 5 litres / h
Connection: 2 m cables from burners to the power supplies
Power cords: 1 m with "Schuko" - plugs
On - Off switch: in the power supply
Dimension power supply:182 mm x 122 mm x 72 mm (L x D x H)

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