Seachem Equilibrium mineral replacement - 600gm

Product image 1Seachem Equilibrium mineral replacement - 600gm
Product image 2Seachem Equilibrium mineral replacement - 600gm
Product image 3Seachem Equilibrium mineral replacement - 600gm

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Equilibrium™ is specifically designed to establish the ideal mineral content for the planted aquarium. Equilibrium™ contains no sodium or chloride (which can be detrimental to a planted aquarium at elevated levels). Equilibrium™ is ideally suited for use with RO (reverse osmosis) or DI (deionized) water or any mineral deficient water. Equilibrium™ raises the essential mineral/electrolyte content (General Hardness) of the water to balance with and promote stability of the carbonate hardness. To maintain KH, we recommend Alkaline Buffer™. DIRECTIONS: DIRECTIONS: To raise mineral content/general hardness (GH) by 1 meq/L (3 dH), add 16 g (1 tablespoon) for every 80 L (20 gallons*) when setting up an aquarium or when making water changes (add to new water). Equilibrium™ can be added straight, although for optimum solubility we recommend mixing with ~ 1 L (1 qt.) of water (the resulting mixture will have a white opaque appearance). When this mixture is added to the aquarium it will impart a slight haze that should clear within 15–30 minutes. HINTS: Do not use Equilibrium™ when replacing evaporated water. This dose is based on DI or RO water; for other water, measure hardness (GH) first, then add according to need. Plant preferences vary, but a general guide is about 1–2 meq/L (3–6 dH) or match the existing or target carbonate hardness (KH), which, ideally, is also about 1–2 meq/L (3–6 dKH).t Equilibrium™ Support Q:Does Equilibrium introduce any Chlorides or Sulfates into the water? If so, at what concentration per molar weight? A: It does not introduce any chlorides. The balance from the Guaranteed Analysis is from sulfate and water of hydration. I can't go into any more detail w/o giving you the exact formula but that should give youa good approximation of what you need (i.e. knowing the rough percentage and the MW of sulfate you should get whatever number you are looking for). Q: Is there a liquid equivalent to Equilibrium? A: As of now, there is no liquid version of Equilibrium. Q: Does Equilibrium contain phosphates or anything else that might cause algae bloomss? A: Equilibrium is a supplement designed to create or build general hardness (GH) due to its mineral content (calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.). It does not contain any nitrogenous pollutants (ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate) and does not contain any phosphate

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