Pacific Sun CO2 Scrubber 1L

Product image 1Pacific Sun CO2 Scrubber 1L
Product image 2Pacific Sun CO2 Scrubber 1L
Product image 3Pacific Sun CO2 Scrubber 1L
Product image 4Pacific Sun CO2 Scrubber 1L

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CO2 is by far the number one cause to low pH in household aquariums. Ambient CO2 can vary from building to building and depending on your location it may not be practical to keep your windows open or pull fresh air from outside into the skimmer. By relocating your protein skimmer’s air intake from the silencer over to the CO2 scrubber can actually increase your tanks pH by a couple points. Depending on the amount of ambient CO2 in the room it is not uncommon for tanks to raise from 7.8 pH up to 8.3 pH within a couple days but results can vary.

Size S 1l: 100x100x200mm

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