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NEW Julian Sprungs NPX Bioplastics 1L (Nitrate & Phosphate Reducer)

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These AAP Bioplastics polymers (developed by Julian Sprung) provide a time-released source of food for bacteria that can quickly assimilate nitrate and phosphate.


Directions: Use 100 ml Bioplastics per 25 gallons (approximately 100 Liters).
After two to four weeks, nitrate and phosphate levels should decrease. Since the "Two Little Fishies" NPX Bioplastics are slowly consumed, more Bioplastic spheres will need to be replenished periodically.
When used in a Fluidized Sand Bed Filter; replace an equal volume of sand with the Bioplastics.

It is IMPORTANT to maintain sufficient water flow through NPX Bioplastics to prevent production of hydrogen sulfide gas, generally this is not a problem if placed in high flow area of a wet/dry, HOB, or similar filter (with a properly functioning Fluidized Filter or reactor, this should never be an issue).
NPX Bioplastics spheres can affect water oxygen saturation, so good circulation via breaking surface tension with water pumps (such as the Seio propeller pump) and/or air pumps is strongly suggested.

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