Maxspect Jump Gyres MJGF2K (7500lph)

Product image 1Maxspect Jump Gyres MJGF2K (7500lph)
Product image 2Maxspect Jump Gyres MJGF2K (7500lph)
Product image 3Maxspect Jump Gyres MJGF2K (7500lph)
Product image 4Maxspect Jump Gyres MJGF2K (7500lph)
Product image 5Maxspect Jump Gyres MJGF2K (7500lph)

Regular price £159.99

The new Jump Gyre pumps contain the same Sine Wave technology as the top of the range 300 series Gyre pumps for near silent flow. They are available in two models the MJGF2K rated at 7500lph this pump also comes with a cap for one side of the pump making it suitable for even small nano systems.

The pumps are supplied with 2 sets of rotors one set is a stylish orange but for those wanting less bling a black set is included in the box.

The pumps are supplied as a one pump one controller package with the controller capable of running 24 hour programmable cycles over multiple flow patterns.

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