GHL Maxi Doser SA White

Product image 1GHL Maxi Doser SA White
Product image 2GHL Maxi Doser SA White
Product image 3GHL Maxi Doser SA White

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The GHL Doser Maxi is the perfect dosing device for automatic water changes, as larger quantities of liquid up to 320 ml / minute can be pumped . Due to the used 24 V stepper motors, microdoses of 0.1 ml are also possible.

With the free GHL Connect App or the or the cloud service myGHL, you can always control anything from anywhere, start dosing programs or monitor the fill levels of your metering liquids. Thanks to the high quality technology inside the modern GHL Doser Maxi, it not only provides precise and simple dosing, but it also includes many more features. 

The GHL Doser Maxi can be run as a single unit or in combination with other GHL devices. Operate the device comfortably with your smartphone, tablet or PC. The connection is possible via WLAN, LAN and USB.

The LED illuminated GHL Logo in the housing serves as a status indicator. It displays the condition of your aquarium by displaying various colors and tells you when something requires your attention.

The GHL Doser Maxi is available as a Stand Alone Unit (SA), as well as a Slave Unit.

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