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Easy Masstick 40g (EMTK40)

Product image 1Easy Masstick 40g (EMTK40)
Product image 2Easy Masstick 40g (EMTK40)
Product image 3Easy Masstick 40g (EMTK40)

Regular price £15.99

Masstick is a self-adhesive paste made with the highest quality ingredients to provide outstanding live stock nutrition and now comes ready to use!

  • Produced from easyreefs own algae and shrimp farms in Spain. Does not contain any animal or vegetable compounds from land sources.
  • Naturally attracts the most finicky of fish without the use of artificial attractants. #feedtheimpossible
  • Provides a natural source of essential proteins, lipids rich in fatty acids (EPA, ARA & DHA), vitamins and carbohydrates from natural marine origin!
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