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Coral Box S150 Protein Skimmer AVAILABLE TO ORDER!

Regular price £69.99

  • 50Litres to 120Litres
  • Silent Kits include
  • Micro bubble reducer include
Coral Box S150 Protein Skimmer

With it’s barrel shaped body, bubbles are able to more smoothly rise and expel waste into the
collection cup providing cleaner and more stable aquarium. The skimmers air intake utilizes a
silencer for quieter operation and it’s convenient adjustable bracket allows it to be mounted to
accommodate various water levels. A foam pad greatly reduces micro bubble output into your
sump. Maintenance and cleaning is a breeze, the skimmer breaks down quickly and easily.


● Two mounting options, over the tank bracket or suction cups

● Silence air intake for quiet operation

● Adjustable mounting bracket to accommodate different water levels

● Simple break down for easy maintenance

● Micro bubble reducer included


● Efficient skimming for nano tanks


● Suitable for 50L to 120L (13 to 30 gallon) tanks

● Atman 500 Lph Pump

● Power Consumption: 4 Watts

● Power : 100 to 240V 50hz


● Size :110 x 80 x 360mm

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