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NEW, ATI Nutrition C, N and P set! 1000 ml

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Nutrition C:N:P closes the supply gap in your aquarium with organic building blocks and nutrients

With Nutrition C:N:P you can balance the nutrients in your aquarium (Redfield or C:N:P ratio) to achieve optimum growth and colour

Contains for the formation of biomass: ammonium, amino acids, hydrocarbons, nitrate, phosphorus and vitamins


• Complements the supply of Essentials pro with organic compounds and nutrients

• Permits the perfect adjustment of nutrients according to the Redfield ratio and actively prevents nutrient limitations

• Actively increases the formation of chromoproteins in corals

• Promotes the growth and vitality of all reef dwellers

Skeleton vs. biomass:

• Stony corals need calcium, carbonate, magnesium, strontium and barium to form the skeleton

• Organic compounds and nutrients, consisting of carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), are required to build biomass

• Nutritions enriches the supply of essentials pro by providing essential organic compounds and nutrients

C:N:P Ratio:

• Scientific studies have shown that the building blocks carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are consumed in a fixed ratio

• If one of these building blocks is limited, the organisms in the reef aquarium cannot develop properly and offer space for pests such as cyanobacteria

• With Nutrition C:N:P you can effectively counteract nutrient limitation (e.g. nitrogen or phosphate limitation) and support the biology in your reef aquarium

Basics of dosing:

• The different nutritions are cleverly combined based on the current nutrient situation in the aquarium and dosed accordingly to the demand of the reef tank

• Use the ATI online calculator to calculate the right dosage for your aquarium
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