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Balling Salts BIOPOLYMER Ca

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Specific salt for the supply of calcium to marine aquariums. The popular and renowned Balling Light method allows a complete and simple supply of the aquarium with calcium, magnesium, carbonate and trace elements. The FAUNA MARIN Balling Light system is complete and autonomous, it can be used with all standard aquarium and filtration systems. With the Balling Light method, you bring precisely the missing elements to the aquarium.

Advantages :

• Combination of trace elements for growth and coloring
• Suitable for all aquariums and all maintenance systems (ZEO method, Berlin system etc.)
• A tailor-made dosage according to consumption, with Aquacalculator (www.aquacalculator.com), effectively prevents the dreaded old tank syndrome, aquariums with high consumption are perfectly compatible and can be supplied according to their needs .
• Easy to use and reliable.
• Economical supply thanks to an effective concentration of high purity salts
• Stable calcium, magnesium and carbonate values ​​for healthy and colorful corals .

Instructions: Please consult the operating instructions for the Balling Light system at www.faunamarin.de/download-center. The Balling Light method requires 3 cans for a complete supply of your reef aquarium. Can 1 should only contain CALCIUM MIX!


Dissolve 2kg of CALCIUM-MIX Balling Light in 3 liters of reverse osmosis water.

Addition of TRACE: 25 ml Balling Light TRACE 1 + 25 ml Balling Light TRACE 2 then mix and complete with RO water to obtain 5 liters. The quantity of product to be dosed cannot generally be given with accuracy, since each aquarium is different. We advise you to calculate your exact consumption using AquaCalculator, and to distribute the doses calculated especially for your aquarium.

Warnings: H319: May cause severe eye irritation. P305 + 351 + 338: IF IN EYES: rinse with plenty of water for several minutes. If you wear contact lenses, remove them. Continue to rinse. Keep out of reach of children. Keep tightly closed and dry. Not suitable for human consumption.

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